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Preview Title Minutes Actors Scripture Category Tone Type Topics Price
Preview 1-800-HANGMEUP 4 2 James 5:1-5   Worship Light Surreal Materialism, Consumerism, Selfishness, Greed
Preview 1.42 Minutes A Day 5 2 Rom. 8:19-23   Youth Mixed Surreal Endurance, Patience, Hope, Change
Preview 2012 Sheep 5 4 2 Sam. 12:4-7   Youth Mixed Reader's Theater Sin, Greed, Wealth, Arrogance, Confrontation
Preview 401 Chaos 4 2 1 Tim. 6:6-9   Worship Serious Surreal Wealth, Work, Money, Contentment, Priorities, Stress
Preview 67K 3 2 Heb. 1:1-3   Holiday Mixed Surreal Faith, incarnation, Christmas, Advent, Doubt, Space, Creation, Truth, Science
Preview 95$/Month 3 2 Prov. 24: 23-24   Worship Serious Real-Life Communication, Money, Media, Time Management, Parenting, Honesty
Preview 99 Percent 3 2 Matt. 18:12-13   Youth Light Surreal ComPassion, Evangelism, Justice, Outreach, Jesus
Preview A Conscience Revisited 7 4   Classic Serious Reader's Theater Demons, Temptation, Hypocrisy, Discipleship, Screwtape
Preview A Crisis of Faith 7 3   Classic Serious Real-Life Easter, Resurrection, Doubt, Truth, Bible
Preview A Donkey's Tale 7 4 Num. 22:30-35   Youth Light Reader's Theater Money, Riches,Temptation, Anger, Balaam
Preview A Father's Dream 6 4 Deut. 5:16   Holiday Light Real-Life Father's Day, Parenting, Fatherhood, Family
Preview A Fresh Start 4 4   Classic Serious Mime Peter, Failure, Grace, Forgiveness
Preview A Friend In Need Is A Friend Like Me 6 6   Classic Light Real-Life Friendship, Jealousy, Competition, Fear, Gossip
Preview A Hallmarked Man 4 2 Ecc. 5: 12-14   Worship Light Real-Life Marriage, Anniversaries, Gender Difference, Romance
Preview A Lot In Common 4 3 John 19:38-40   Holiday Serious Surreal Courage, Fear, Good Friday, Easter
Preview A Price Too High 40 6   Holiday Mixed Real-Life Christmas, Giving, Sacrifice, Materialism
Preview A Tale of Two Fathers 5 2   Classic Serious Surreal Parenting, Fatherhood, God as Father
Preview A Time For Everything 5 2 Ecc. 3   Worship Serious Reader's Theater Balance, Wisdom, Time, Perspective, Maturity
Preview A Whole Fleet 6 1 Luke 18:18-30   Worship Serious Monologue Jesus, discipleship, lordship, conversion, wealth
Preview A Whole Lot Worse 3 1 1 Thess. 5:17-19   Holiday Serious Real-Life Gratitude, ThanksGiving, Relationships
Preview A Wish And A Prayer 7 2   Classic Light Surreal Trial, Character, Endurance, Purpose
Preview After Dinner Fun 4 2 Phil. 2:14-15   Youth Mixed Real-Life Siblings, Fear, Complaining, Work, Conflict
Preview Afterglow 4 2 2 Cor. 11:23-28   Youth Mixed Real-Life Missions, Ministry Trips, Growth, Change
Preview All Bothered 3 2 Luke 13:1-5   Worship Serious Real-Life ComPassion, Service, Ministry, Culture, Technology
Preview All Grown Up 4 2 Deut. 5:16   Youth Serious Real-Life Missions, Ministry Trips, Growth, Change
Preview All The Kings Are Doing It 5 2 1 Kings 21:2-7   Worship Light Biblical Leadership, Power, Relationships, Jealousy, Pride, Bible
Preview All Wound Up 6 2 1 Cor. 7:29   Worship Light Real-Life Simplicity, Technology, Stress, Nostalgia
Preview Almost An Apostle 3 1   Worship Serious Monologue Leadership, Being Called, Character, Doubt
Preview Almost Home 7 3 Prov. 12:18   Classic Serious Real-Life Christmas, Advent, Family Conflict
Preview Always On Call 5 5 Matt. 15:3-6   Youth Light Real-Life Christmas, Advent, Angels, Prophecy
Preview And The Winner Is 4 3 1 Cor. 12:22-24   Youth Serious Real-Life Growing Up, Parents, Stress, School, Work, Conflict, College
Preview Angels We Have Heard-1 4 4 1 Pet. 1:10-12   Holiday Mixed Reader's Theater Christmas, Advent, Mary, Angels
Preview Angels We Have Heard-2 4 6 Luke 1:26-38   Holiday Mixed Reader's Theater Advent, Christmas, Angels, Joseph
Preview Angels We Have Heard-3 4 6 Matt. 1:18-21   Holiday Mixed Reader's Theater Christmas, Advent, Angels, Joseph, Jesus
Preview Angels We Have Heard-4 4 5 Matt. 2:13-14   Holiday Mixed Reader's Theater Christmas, Advent, Angels, Prophecy
Preview Anger and Rage 5 3 Ecclesiastes 5:13-17   Worship Serious Surreal Anger, Emotion, Disappointment, Relationships
Preview Angry Farmer 2 1 James 5:7-8   Worship Serious Monologue Anger, Patience, Humility, Waiting, Farming, Trust, Dependence, Loss
Preview As Simple As That 4 2 Romans 7:21-23   Worship Light Surreal Maturity, Encouragement, Trials, Relationships, discipleship, mentoring
Preview Asaph's Stable 4 2 Psalm 79   Worship Mixed Surreal Prayer, Psalms, Judgment, Anger, Sorrow, Honesty
Preview Autopilot 5 2 Heb. 6:1-3   Worship Mixed Surreal Teaching, Discipleship, Authenticity, Wisdom, Experience, Mentoring, Truth
Preview Back to Back 3 2 Matt. 13:24-30   Youth Mixed Surreal Community, Youth Culture, Trends, Technology
Preview Back To School 5 2 1 Cor. 5:9-11   Youth Mixed Real-Life Pride, Rewards, Humility, School, Selfishness, Competition
Preview BadBox 4 2 Matt. 11:16-19   Youth Serious Real-Life Forgiveness, Relationships, Grudges, Conflict, School
Preview Bahama Bible Cruise 5 2 James 4:1-3   Worship Light Real-Life Criticism, Selfishness, Motives
Preview Banking On The Future 5 2 Matt. 6:25-27   Worship Serious Real-Life Unemployment, Friendship, Stress, Hope, Discouragement, Heaven
Preview Baros’ Beef 6 4 2 Pet. 3:8-10   Worship Mixed Reader's Theater Gods Patience, Disappointment with God, Gods Sovereignty
Preview Be Careful What You Ask For 4 2 1 Sam. 8:19-22   Worship Serious Real-Life Work, Stress, Fear, Success, Marriage, Money
Preview Be Not Many Teachers 3 3 James 3:1-2   Worship Light Mime Pride, Teaching, Preaching, Leadership, Maturity
Preview Been There Done That 4 3 James 4:11   Youth Serious Real-Life Siblings, Communication, Parenting, Jealousy, Selfishness
Preview Being A You 4 2 Ex. 31:3-5   Youth Light Real-Life Work, Pressure, Graduation, Career, School
Preview Best And Worst 3 4 Rom. 12:3   Worship Mixed Surreal Self-Confidence, Competition, Self-Concept,Failure, Art, Artists, Success
Preview Best Foot Forward 4 4 James 5:16   Worship Light Reader's Theater Fear, Competition, Vulnerability, Friendship, Transparency
Preview Best of Nintentions 4 2 2 Cor. 3:1-2   Youth Serious Real-Life Culture, Evil, Tolerance, Second Coming
Preview Beyond Measure 3 2 Eph. 3:16-19   Youth Serious Mime Forgiveness, Relationships, Grudges, Conflict, School
Preview Bible Mart 4 2 Neh. 8:1-3   Worship Light Surreal Bible, Discipleship, Growth, Evangelism
Preview Big Baby 4 2 Gal. 6:2-5   Worship Mixed Real-Life Marriage, Sickness, Men, Complaining, Responsibility, Communication
Preview Big Shiny Life 4 2 James 5:13   Worship Light Real-Life Authenticity, Transparency, Honesty, Encouragement
Preview Blanket Apology 6 2 Luke 11:2-4   Worship Mixed Surreal Forgiveness, Apologies, Grace, Presumption
Preview Blind Bart 3 4 Mark 10:46-52   Youth Light Surreal School, Peer Pressure, Loneliness, Culture
Preview Blind Curve Principle 4 2 Luke 17:15-18   Worship Serious Real-Life Gratitude, Entitlement, Perspective, Thanksgiving, Worry, Pain
Preview Blue Light Special 6 3 1 Sam. 15:19-22   Youth Mixed Real-Life Pride, Confession, Sin, Taking Responsibility, Holding Your Tongue
Preview Bounced Promises 4 2 Matt. 21:28-31   Worship Mixed Surreal Discipline, Promises, Change, Failure
Preview BPod 3 2 Ps. 46:10-11   Youth Light Surreal Siblings, Communication, Parenting, Jealousy, Selfishness
Preview Breaking Up 3 2 Gen. 3:6   Youth Serious Real-Life Dating, Breaking Up, Friendship
Preview Brownies 5 2 Haggai 1:2-4   Youth Mixed Real-Life Failure, Procrastination, Teamwork, School, Discipline
Preview Brownsworth College 4 3 Dan. 1:3-5   Youth Mixed Real-Life Work, Pressure, Graduation, Career, School
Preview Build-A-God Workshop 4 2 Ex. 20:4-5   Youth Mixed Surreal Concept of God, Prayer, Consumerism, Selfishness,
Preview Building Blocks 5 2 Ecc. 9:10-11   Worship Mixed Surreal Discouragement, Failure, Sin (as in a fallen world), Obedience, Trust
Preview Burden Overtakers 6 2 Eph. 4:11-16   Classic Light Real-Life Ministry, Service, Sacrifice
Preview Buried Treasure 5 4 Matt. 13:44-45   Youth Mixed Reader's Theater Surrender, Heaven, Lordship, Perspective, Worship
Preview Busboy 4 3 Col. 3:15-16   Youth Mixed Surreal Gratitude, Entitlement, Contentment, Ambition
Preview Butterflies 4 2 Esther 2:2-4   Youth Serious Real-Life Friendship, Stress, Competition, Failure, Success
Preview Buy and Cell 5 3 Prov. 20:17   Worship Light Reader's Theater Honesty, Deception, Success, BuSiness
Preview Café Christmas 20 5   Holiday Mixed Real-Life Christmas, Suffering, Family, Hope, Friendship
Preview Called on the Carpet 4 2 Hab. 3:17-18   Worship Serious Real-Life Money, Finance, Stress, Worry, Trust, Faith, Marriage, BuSiness, Work
Preview Campfire Stories 4 5 Matt. 26:69-75   Holiday Serious Surreal Good Friday, Crucifixion, Courage, Fear, Doubt, Faith
Preview Carlos' Tile 7 4 Ecc. 3:11   Worship Mixed Reader's Theater Beauty, Sovereignty, Grace, Art, Mistakes, Sin
Preview Celling Out 5 4 John 1:14   Worship Light Surreal Technology, Phones, Relationships, Etiquette, Communication,
Preview Cheaper By The Dozen 5 2   Worship Light Real-Life Worry, Aging, Dementia, Marriage, Fear, Faith, Risk
Preview Cheating Death 3 4 Luke 16:1-9   Youth Light Reader's Theater Wealth, Death, Money, Service, Giving, Generosity
Preview Chicken Prayers 8 2 James 4:13-16   Worship Mixed Real-Life Prayer, Fear, Trust, Unanswered Prayer
Preview Church of Your Dreams 7 5 Prov. 11:27   Worship Mixed Surreal Church Life, Criticism, Relationships, Hope, Attitudes
Preview Church Store 5 2 Rom. 12:4-8   Holiday Light Surreal Church, Ministry, Service, Giving, Programs
Preview Close Call 3 2 1 Tim. 1:12   Holiday Mixed Real-Life Entitlement, Patience, Gratitude, ThanksGiving
Preview Closet Deist 3 4 Ecc. 8:16-17   Worship Mixed Reader's Theater Pride, Theology, Faith, Supernatural, Guidance, God, Doubt, Philosophy
Preview Coffeehouse Blues 4 2 Mark 2:15-17   Youth Serious Real-Life Evangelism, Ministry Trips, Outreach, Doubt, Maturity
Preview Colossal Mistake? 4 1 Judges 14:1-3   Worship Serious Monologue Parenting, Divorce, Guilt
Preview Come Quickly, Lord 4 4 1 Thess. 4:16-17   Youth Mixed Real-Life Jesus, Second Coming, Growing Up, Heaven, Rapture
Preview Coming Over 5 5 1 Cor. 12   Classic Mixed Mime Unity, Community, Loneliness, Church
Preview Confessions of a Church Planter 5 1 1 Cor. 3:6-7   Worship Mixed Monologue Church, Pastoring, Motives, Pride, Culture, Success
Preview Corinthians Chat 5 2 1 Cor. 8   Worship Serious Surreal Christian Liberty, Discretion, Conscience, Conflict
Preview Cover Up 4 3 Ps. 55:12-14   Youth Serious Real-Life Family, Siblings, Conflict, Criticism, Fear,
Preview Crafty Man 4 3   Worship Mixed Surreal Deceit, Lying, Truth, Fear, Communication, Marriage.
Preview Crisis Averted 2 1 2 Cor. 9:7   Worship Light Monologue Giving, Money, Tithe, Church, Advertising, Marketing
Preview Cross Emporium 4 2 Heb. 11:36-39   Worship Mixed Surreal Trials, Trouble, Hardship, Endurance, Pain, Perspective, ComPassion, Cross
Preview 5 2 Prov. 19:9-11   Worship Light Surreal Rewards, Good Works, Motivation, Internet, Judgement, Retirement
Preview Curfew 4 3 Prov. 28:23   Worship Serious Real-Life Parenting, Marriage, Discipline, Rules, Conflict, Teens,
Preview Danger On The Pitkituny 5 2 Psalm 121   Worship Serious Real-Life Parenting, Fear, Teens, Wisdom, Risk
Preview Dans Big Day 4 3 Mark 7:5-7   Worship Mixed Surreal Worship, Praise, God's Presence, Holy Spirit
Preview David's Worst Day 5 4 2 Samuel 24   Worship Mixed Reader's Theater Motives, Pride, Sin, Security, Competition
Preview Daydreams 3 1 John 17:15   Youth Serious Monologue School, Fear, Courage, Fantasy
Preview Dear Sarah 4 2 1 Kings 19   Worship Serious Real-Life Discouragement, Depression, Apathy, Counseling, Encouragement
Preview Deathbed Confession 12 4 Matt. 28:11-15   Holiday Serious Reader's Theater Passion, Easter, Resurrection
Preview Declined 5 2 Prov. 28:13   Worship Serious Real-Life Money, Credit, Communication, Marriage, Confession
Preview Deep Change 4 2 Matthew 23:25-26   Worship Light Mime Change, Motives, Discipline, Stress, Fear
Preview Deep Waters 5 2 Prov. 20:5   Worship Mixed Mime Power, Confession, Friendship, Introspection, Motives, Proverbs, Sin, Shame
Preview Digital Faith 3 1 1 John 1:1   Worship Mixed Monologue Faith, Action, Good Works, Maturity, Discipleship
Preview Dilemma For Rent 3 2 Phil. 4:8   Youth Serious Real-Life Parents, Movies, Rules, Maturity, Standards
Preview Dirt & Spit 6 1 John 9   Worship Mixed Monologue Jesus, Blindness, Healing, Bible
Preview Don't Look Down 4 3 John 21:7   Youth Light Surreal Faith, Trust, Doubt, Obedience, Fear, Jesus, Peter
Preview Donut Bother You? 5 2 Prov. 27:4   Worship Mixed Real-Life Marriage, Jealousy, Forgiveness, Fear, Insecurity, weight, self-discipline
Preview Double Blind Date 5 2 Ruth. 2:4-10   Holiday Light Real-Life Valentine's Day, Romance, Dating, Singleness
Preview Driving The Point Home 5 3 Dan. 2:14-16   Youth Mixed Real-Life Growing Up, Fathers Day, Parenting, Relationships, Driving, Independence
Preview Driving Under The Influence 5 3 Eph. 5:18   Worship Light Real-Life Holy Spirit, Stress, Anger, Work,
Preview Dying on Time 4 2 Matthew 6:25-31   Worship Light Real-Life Retirement, Money, Trust, Anxiety, Aging, Health
Preview E-Boldness 4 2   Worship Serious Real-Life Communication, Confidence, Fear, Work, Cowardice, Honesty, Confrontation
Preview Easter Chicken 4 4 Matt. 15:1-3   Holiday Light Real-Life Easter, Traditions, Church Life, Communication
Preview Eavesdropping Prayer 5 2 Romans 8:26-27   Worship Mixed Real-Life Prayer, Trust, God's Provisions, God's Faithfulness
Preview Ed and God 6 2   Classic Light Surreal Work, Gloryifying God, Obedience
Preview Eggshells 4 5 Prov. 28:23   Worship Light Surreal Fear, Conflict, Anger, Relationships
Preview Elbow Grease 3 2 Acts 20:35   Youth Serious Real-Life Missions Trips, Money, Work, Servanthood
Preview Empty Word Detector 4 3 Ecc. 5:1-2   Youth Light Surreal Prayer, Hypocrisy, Honesty, Habits
Preview Endless Charge 5 4 John 4:13-15   Youth Mixed Reader's Theater Eternal Life, Mortality, Death, Salvation, Jesus
Preview Equal Rights 4 2 Luke 17:7-10   Worship Light Real-Life Rights, Entitlement, Surrender
Preview Error 61 No File Available 5 2 Ps. 103:8-12   Youth Serious Surreal Sin, Forgiveness, Confession, Guilt
Preview Evangephobia 4 2 Rom. 1:16   Youth Mixed Real-Life Evangelism, Missions, Ministry Trips, Sacrifice
Preview Every Good Gift 5 2   Classic Mixed Real-Life Gratitude, Grace, Legalism
Preview Everybody's Right 3 2   Classic Serious Surreal Pluralism, Tolerance, Grace, Truth, Authority
Preview Evil Parent Bosses 4 2 Luke 1: 16-17   Youth Serious Real-Life Parents, Youth Ministry, Communication, Trust
Preview Evil Schedule Planners 4 2 Ps. 69:14-18   Youth Light Surreal School, Stress
Preview Excuses 5 2 1 Sam. 15:19-21   Worship Mixed Real-Life Sin, Forgiveness, Grace, Guilt, Parenting, Repentance, Confession
Preview Extenuators 5 2 Gen. 3:11-13   Worship Light Surreal Responsibility, Failure, Repentance, Forgiveness
Preview Face To Face 4 2 Heb. 1:1-3   Youth Light Surreal Communication, Friendship, Dating, Technology, Intimacy
Preview Facebooking 2 2 Ps. 139:1-5   Youth Light Real-Life Privacy, Technology, Social NetWorking
Preview Failsafe 5 2 Phil. 3:12-14   Worship Light Real-Life Endurance, Success, Patience, Discipline, Change, Physical Exercise
Preview False Teacher Detection Kit 4 1 2 Cor. 2:17   Youth Light Monologue Doctrine, Faith, Confirmation, Truth, False Teachers, Deceit
Preview Family Night 4 4 Rom. 12:10-13   Youth Mixed Surreal Communication, Relationships, Parenting, Technology
Preview Fanphobia 4 2 John 20:24-26   Youth Mixed Surreal Sports, Faith, Reason, Evidence, Belief
Preview Fat Burner 5 2   Worship Light Surreal Losing Weight, Discipline, Change, Patience, Endurance
Preview Father and Son 6 2   Classic Serious Surreal Parenting, Love, Father, Conflict
Preview Fear Factory 7 3 Dan. 3:16-18   Youth Mixed Surreal School, Prayer, Boldness, Courage, Fear, Evangelism
Preview Fearfully and Wonderfully Made 5 1   Classic Light Monologue Psalms, Creation, Praise, Confidence, Self-Concept
Preview Fertilizing Weeds 3 6 Matt. 13:24-30   Youth Mixed Surreal Evil, Judgment, Patience, Growth, Wisdom, Weeds, Parable
Preview Fifteen Percent 3 4 Matt. 20:1-16   Worship Mixed Reader's Theater Grace, Works, Selfishness, Jealousy, Envy, Motivation, Competition,Justice, Mercy
Preview Fifteen Pounds 4 2 Matt. 6:16-18   Worship Light Real-Life Selfishness, Weight, Motives, Encouragement
Preview Fightin Words 5 2 Prov. 24:26   Worship Light Real-Life Honesty, Difficult People, Work
Preview Fired Up 4 2 James 1:2-4   Worship Mixed Real-Life Work, Struggle, Character, Laziness, Convenience, Authenticity
Preview Five Minutes From Home 4 2 Eph. 4:29-32   Youth Light Surreal Communication, Manipulation, Parents, Conflict,
Preview Five O'Clock Battle 5 2 Jer. 13:23   Worship Mixed Surreal Work, Stress, Conflict
Preview Flag In The Attic 4 1 Ps. 86:7-10   Worship Serious Monologue America, Patriotism, Loyalty, Revival, Suffering
Preview For Better Or For Worse 5 3   Classic Light Surreal Marriage, Wedding, Vows, Selfishness
Preview For Sale by Owner 7 2 1 Pet. 4:10   Holiday Serious Real-Life ThanksGiving, Gratitude, Suffering, Denial
Preview For Their Own Protection 6 2 Ex. 34:32-35   Worship Mixed Reader's Theater Motives, Intimacy with God, Devotions, ImpresSing people, Image, Moses, Bible
Preview Four Days Late 4 4 John 11:19-21   Holiday Serious Reader's Theater Resurrection, Easter, Miracles, Jesus, Death, Disappointment
Preview Fourteen Long Minutes 5 5 Matt. 6:5-6   Worship Serious Surreal Prayer, Small Groups, Unity, Discipline, Small Groups
Preview Full Body Scan 2 2 Heb. 4:12-13   Worship Mixed Surreal Judgment, Judgement, Testing, God, Pride, Death, Omniscience
Preview G.I. Justin 4 2 Ex. 13:17-18   Youth Serious Real-Life Fear, Trust, Military, Growing Up
Preview Gardener's Choice 3 3 John 15   Youth Mixed Surreal Growth, Maturity, Discipline, Jesus, Parable
Preview Get In Line 5 5 Ecc. 10:18-19   Worship Light Surreal Discipline, Time Management, Motives, Responsibility,
Preview Give Us This Day 2 1 Matt. 6:7-12   Youth Light Monologue Prayer, Selfishness, Worship
Preview God Bless America 4 2 Rom. 13:1-3   Holiday Serious Real-Life America, Patriotism, Country
Preview God In The Attic 3 1 2 Chron. 15:3-5   Worship Serious Monologue God, Worship, Crisis, Faith, Suffering, Fear
Preview Godaffall 2 1 Ps. 139   Worship Light Monologue Providence, Protection, God's Omniscience, Control, Guilt, Selfishness
Preview Going Dark 3 1   Worship Mixed Mime Prayer, Rest, Simplicity, Technology, Fasting.
Preview Good As Gold 4 2   Worship Mixed Real-Life Truth, Deceit, Faith vs. Works, Skepticism, Sales
Preview Good Enough 4 2 2 Cor. 3:4-6   Worship Serious Real-Life Leadership, Failure, fear, discouragement, small groups
Preview Gossip Spill 3 2 2 Cor. 12:20   Youth Light Surreal Gossip, Tongue, Words, Competition, High School
Preview Grass Is Always Weedier 4 2 Matt. 7:1-5   Worship Mixed Surreal Sin, Confession, Change, Arrogance, Discipleship, Friendship, Legalism, Pharisee
Preview Greater Love 8 2 Ephesians 3:14-19   Worship Serious Surreal God's Love, Grace, Forgiveness, Devotion
Preview Greater Palestine Prophetic Awareness Society 6 4   Classic Mixed Reader's Theater Prophecy, Christmas, Advent, Bethlehem
Preview Greener Pastures 4 2 Ps. 104:1-3   Youth Serious Real-Life Ecology, recycling, stewardship of the earth
Preview Habershamby & Petts 3 2 Rom. 12:2   Youth Mixed Real-Life Image, Appearance, Fashion, Prestige
Preview Handbell Solo 3 1 1 Cor. 12   Worship Light Monologue Unity, Teamwork, Body Life, Relationships, Church, Handbell
Preview Hanging Verses 4 2 1 Tim. 6:3-5   Worship Light Surreal Bible Study, Conflict, Unity, Controversy
Preview Have I Got Plans For You 3 2 Prov. 16:3,9   Youth Mixed Surreal Ministry, Faith, College, Dating, Service, Future
Preview Heads or Tails 8 5   Classic Mixed Real-Life Family, Moving, Gods Will, Decisions, Wisdom
Preview Hearers of the Word 7 2 Col. 4:15-17   Youth Light Surreal Bible, History, Early Church, Word of God, Literacy, Bible Study, Church Life
Preview Heartsick 2 1 Ps. 39:3-7   Worship Serious Monologue Fear, Stress, Health, Heart Attack, Faith, Trust
Preview Heaven's Waiting Room 5 5 Rev. 21:1-4   Youth Mixed Surreal Death, Suffering, Heaven, Problems
Preview Heelmarks In The Sand 3 4 Heb. 12:7-8   Youth Light Reader's Theater Trials, Difficulty, Perseverance, Disobedience, Stubbornness, Sports, God's Faithfulness
Preview Held Hostage 3 1 Prov. 25:17   Worship Mixed Monologue Encouragement, Friendship, Communication, Complaining, Exhaustion, Counseling
Preview Her Last Sunday 3 2 Ex. 23:9   Youth Mixed Surreal Unity, Outreach, Friends, Church, Love, ComPassion
Preview Herod's Lament 3 1 Matt. 2:1-11   Holiday Light Monologue Christmas, Power, Herod, Paranoia, Evil
Preview High Dive 4 1 1 John 1:8-10   Worship Mixed Monologue Grace, Trust, Fear, Humility, Conversion
Preview Home Sweet Home 4 2   Worship Light Surreal Heaven, Home, Eternity, Longing, Contentment
Preview How's That Again? 5 2   Classic Mixed Real-Life Listening, Marriage, Conflict
Preview I Don’t Think I Know 5 3 1 Cor. 1:19-25   Youth Mixed Surreal Truth, Absolutes, Wisdom
Preview I Dunno 5 4 1 Cor. 8:1-2   Worship Mixed Surreal Honesty, Shame, Competence,
Preview I Hate Critical People 3 1 Luke 5:29-31   Worship Light Monologue Criticism, Complaining, Hypocrisy, Culture
Preview I Hereby Resolve 4 2   Classic Light Real-Life Discipline, New Years, Change, Resolution, Improvement
Preview I Swear 5 2 Matt. 12:33-37   Youth Mixed Real-Life Words, Tongue, Sin, Motives, Criticism
Preview I'll Be Home For Christmas 3 1 Matt. 12:46-48   Holiday Mixed Surreal Christmas, Stress, Family, Relationships, Conflict, Home, Competition, Jealousy, Mother
Preview I'll Fly away 4 4   Worship Mixed Reader's Theater Death, Mortality, Purpose, Eternal Life
Preview Identity Theft 5 2 2 Cor. 5:16-19   Worship Light Surreal Self-worth, Identity in Christ, Grace, Forgiveness
Preview Idiot Light 3 2 1 Pet. 3:7-8   Worship Light Surreal Marriage, Men, Communication
Preview If I Were A Rich Man 4 2 Mark 12: 41-44   Worship Serious Surreal Giving, Poverty, Generosity, Riches, Money, Missions
Preview If Only 4 2 Ecc. 5:11-13   Worship Mixed Surreal Contentment, Work, Risk, Envy, Jealousy
Preview If The Shoe Fits 4 2 Prov. 20:21   Worship Light Real-Life Money, Spending, Foolishness, Regret, Decision-Making
Preview Illusions 5 2 Eph. 4:13-15   Worship Serious Real-Life Church Life, Boredom, Excitement, Commitment, Endurance, Relationships, Trust
Preview IMers 6 3 Rom. 15:5-6   Youth Light Surreal Community, Youth Culture, Trends, Technology
Preview Improving On God 6 3 Job 38:1-4   Worship Mixed Surreal Gods Character, Holiness, Sovereignty, Wisdom, Disappointment with God, Doubt, Marketing
Preview In A Mouse's Mind 8 3   Classic Mixed Surreal God, Faith, Belief, Doubt
Preview In a Single Day 5 3 Zech. 3:3-9   Worship Serious Surreal Zechariah, Prophecy, Angels, Messiah, Christ, Advent, Cross
Preview In Concert 7 2 Matt. 5:37   Worship Serious Real-Life Communication, Marriage, Honesty, Transparency
Preview In The Fullness Of Time 40 6   Holiday Mixed Surreal Christmas, Bible, Prophecy, Messiah
Preview Inside Out 3 2 Matthew 23: 25-26   Worship Light Mime Sin, Cleansing, Human Nature, Legalism
Preview Instant Shade 3 1 James 5:7-8   Worship Mixed Monologue Patience, Spiritual Growth, Endurance, Maturity, Time
Preview Interview With Milky Way 4 2 Luke 6:45   Youth Mixed Surreal Culture, Music, Honesty, Rap, Communication, entertainment
Preview It Would Have Been Enough 3 9 Eph. 5:19-20   Holiday Serious Surreal ThanksGiving, Gratitude, Faithfulness, Humility
Preview It's Not Just A Job, It's An Adventure 6 6   Classic Mixed Real-Life Missions, Missionaries,
Preview It's Not Punny 4 2 Prov. 12:18   Worship Mixed Real-Life Humor, Selfishness, Courtesy, Puns, Words, Tongue, Teamwork
Preview Jason's Chance 5 2 2 Cor. 1:3-6   Worship Serious Real-Life Wisdom, Suffering, Maturity, Work
Preview Jesus On Life 4 8 Matt. 5:1-12   Youth Mixed Surreal Beatitudes, Discipleship, Godliness, Obedience, Humility
Preview Jesus Vision Center 3 3 Matt. 20:32-34   Youth Mixed Surreal Jesus, Sin, Confession, Forgiveness, Pride, Healing
Preview Jinxed 4 2 Romans 11:33-36   Worship Light Real-Life Gods Sovereignty, Prayer, Gods Will, Trust
Preview Jobseekers 5 3 2 Cor. 4:16-18   Worship Serious Real-Life Unemployment, Endurance, Hope, Patience, Work, Trust, Disappointment
Preview John and Mary 9 2 John 20   Holiday Serious Surreal Easter, Resurrection, Jesus
Preview Joy In The Mourning 9 2 Ps. 30   Holiday Serious Reader's Theater Choral, Sorry, Trials, Testing, Endurance, Hope, Faithfulness
Preview Just a Couple Months 5 2 Ruth 1:16-17   Youth Serious Real-Life Parenting, College, Growing Up, Success
Preview Just Like The Real Thing 4 3 Prov. 14:4   Holiday Light Surreal Christmas, Advent, Joseph, Mary, Nativity
Preview Just The Check Please 5 3 1 Pet. 3:7-8   Worship Serious Real-Life Marriage, Communication, Love, Intimacy
Preview Just Too Busy 5 3 1 Thess. 4:11-12   Worship Light Real-Life Work, Priorities, Time, Stress, Leisure
Preview Kindergarten HD 5 2 Ecc. 12:11-12   Worship Light Surreal Parenting, School, Pressure, Parents, Competition, Technology, Grades
Preview Knowledge Warehouse 4 2 1 Cor. 8:1-2   Worship Light Surreal Wisdom, Knowledge, Education, Pride, Action, Humility
Preview Lack of a Nail 4 4 James 3:3-4   Worship Mixed Reader's Theater Diligence, Patience, Responsibility, Faithfulness, Humility
Preview Lame Lamb 4 2 Mal. 2:11-14   Worship Serious Surreal Worship, Sacrifice, Giving, Trust, Temptation
Preview Laptop Chat 4 4 Heb. 1:1-3   Worship Light Real-Life Communication, Marriage, Friendship, Technology, Men
Preview Lasagna Pt. 1 2 1 1 Sam. 17:27-29   Worship Mixed Monologue Care, Encouragement, Ministry, Food, Service
Preview Lasagna Pt. 2 2 1 Matt. 25:34-36   Worship Serious Monologue Care, Encouragement, Ministry, Food, Service
Preview Last Year's Jeans 4 2 Matt. 6:25-31   Youth Light Real-Life Fashion, Style, Trends, Exclusiveness
Preview Lecture On Non-Lecture 4 4 James 3:1-2   Worship Light Real-Life Integrity, Authenticity, Character, Teaching
Preview Left Channel 2 2 Acts 17:26-28   Worship Serious Real-Life Faith, God, Listening, Maturity, Discipleship, Balance
Preview Let Me Help You With That 2 1 Matt. 7:1-5   Youth Light Monologue Pride, Self-Righteousness, Sin, Relationships
Preview Lethal Question 4 2 Ex. 21:12   Youth Serious Real-Life Capital Punishment, Sanctity of Life, School, Conflict, Murder, Sin
Preview Life 101 7 2 Ecc.   Youth Serious Surreal Death, Injustice, Discouragement, Hope, Honesty, Ecclesiastes
Preview Lighthearted 4 2 Neh. 8:14-16   Holiday Light Real-Life Christmas, Advent, Decorations, Marriage,
Preview Like Clockwork 4 2 1 Cor. 12:24   Holiday Light Real-Life Daylight, Time, Humility, Anger, Church, Teaching
Preview Like Us 3 2 1 Corinthians 4:5   Worship Light Surreal Internet, Motives, Approval, People-Pleasing, Security, Confidence
Preview Little Plastic Block World 5 4 John 1:1-6   Worship Mixed Reader's Theater Creation, Redemption, Fall, Sin, Jesus
Preview Living Sacrifice 3 3 1 Pet. 1:7-9   Youth Mixed Surreal Discipleship, Trials, Purity, Commitment, Lordship, Trust, Sacrifice, Devotion
Preview Lola:The Perfect Woman 5 3 Esther 1:19-21   Worship Light Surreal Conflict, Communication, Marriage, Technology
Preview Lord Of All Seasons 4 4 Ps. 107   Holiday Serious Reader's Theater Choral, Trials, Faithfulness, Endurance, Maturity
Preview Love is a Cliché 6 2   Classic Light Surreal Love, Romance, Music
Preview Lunch Call 5 2 1 Tim. 6:6-8   Worship Serious Real-Life Contentment, Work, Risk, Faith
Preview Magic Eye 3 2 1 Cor. 2:13-14   Youth Light Real-Life Conversion, Change, Perspective, Sin, Born Again, Faith, Spirituality
Preview Making The Grade 3 2 Ecc. 12:12   Youth Serious Surreal School, Grades, Success, Stress, Competition
Preview Managed Dating Care 5 3 Judges 14:1-3   Worship Light Surreal Dating, Parents, Control, Communication
Preview Market Share 3 3 John 3:25-30   Worship Light Surreal Jealousy, Competition, Jesus, John the Baptist, Pride, Success
Preview Marriage Baggage 4 3 Rom. 15:7   Holiday Light Surreal Marriage, Wedding, Honeymoon
Preview Marriage Go Round 7 5   Classic Mixed Real-Life Marriage, Parenting, Intimacy, Stress
Preview Master Of The Softsell 6 4   Classic Mixed Real-Life Evangelism, Persuasion, Sales
Preview Maybe Today 3 2 2 Pet. 10-13   Worship Mixed Real-Life Rapture, Second Coming, Jesus, Return of Christ
Preview Me and Bosco 3 1 Heb. 12:7-10   Youth Serious Monologue Suffering, Trust, Loyalty, Maturity
Preview Mean Girls And Guys 4 2 Eph. 4:29-32   Youth Light Real-Life School, Guys and Girls, Conflict, Friendship, Gender, Cruelty
Preview Meeting at McDonald's 4 2   Classic Serious Real-Life Divorce, Regret, Repentance, Confession
Preview Memory Lane 4 2 Ezek. 33:31   Youth Mixed Real-Life Hypocrisy, Honesty, Legalism, Ministry Trips, Bible, Memory
Preview Messing with the Matrix 8 2 James 5: 13-17   Worship Mixed Surreal Prayer, Work, Trust, Finances, Sovereignty
Preview Midnight Snack 6 3   Worship Light Real-Life Money, Pride, Marriage, Humility
Preview MiracleGro 5 4 Ecc. 7:8   Worship Serious Mime Moving, Change, Despair, Homesick, Resentment, Adjustment, Growth
Preview Mirror Mirror 4 2 Matt. 7:3-4   Worship Light Surreal Sin, Conscience, Grace, Forgiveness
Preview Missing 4 2 Ps. 69:1-8   Youth Serious Real-Life Depression, Suicide, Sadness, Counseling
Preview Missing the Mark 8 3   Classic Serious Biblical Paul, Barnabas, Mark, Bible, Conflict, Failure, Forgiveness
Preview Mister Coffee 3 1   Worship Light Surreal Planning, Procrastination, Work, Laziness, Gratification
Preview Mom Money 4 2 Is. 55:1-2   Youth Mixed Real-Life Style, Shopping, Money, Faith, Growing Up
Preview Mom's Day Off 5 2   Classic Light Real-Life Mother, Marriage, Stress,
Preview Money Well Spent 5 2   Worship Mixed Real-Life Grace, Shame, Guilt, Fear, Marriage, Money, Change, Compassion
Preview Morning Chat 5 2 James 1:22-25   Worship Mixed Surreal Conscience, Sin, Shame, Guilt, Forgiveness
Preview Moth, Rust, & Thieves 4 3 Luke 16:9-10   Worship Light Surreal Heaven, Money, Rewards, Motives, Guilt
Preview Mother Trina's Marvelous Ministry Kit 6 3   Classic Light Surreal Ministry, Service, Sacrifice, Church
Preview Mother's Day Do-Over 5 1 Prov. 31:27-31   Holiday Mixed Real-Life Mother, Marriage, Family
Preview Mr. Fixit 5 5 Heb. 12:7-10   Holiday Light Surreal Father, Dad, Household, Family
Preview Multi-Level Neighboring 5 2 1 Pet. 3:15-16   Worship Light Real-Life Evangelism, Persuasion, Marketing, Neighbors
Preview Must Be Nice 5 2 James 3:14-16   Youth Serious Real-Life Competition, Success, Jealousy
Preview Mutiny In The Vineyard 5 4 Matt. 21:28-31   Youth Light Reader's Theater Obedience, Self-Righteousness, Criticism, Judging, Parable
Preview My Choice 4 7   Classic Serious Real-Life Pregnancy, Abortion,
Preview My Harley Club 3 2   Worship Mixed Surreal Church, Evangelism, Outreach
Preview My Prayer 4 1 Ps. 139   Worship Serious Mime Prayer, Worship, Silence
Preview 5 2 2 Tim. 2:1-5   Youth Mixed Surreal Selfishness, Money, Internet, Motives
Preview Mystery Ministry 6 2   Classic Mixed Real-Life Ministry, Sacrifice, Service
Preview Nagging Questions 4 2 Mark 9:23-24   Youth Serious Real-Life Doubt, Truth, Conversion, Church VBS
Preview Narrow Gate 6 3 Matt. 7:13-14   Worship Mixed Surreal Eternal Life, Evangelism, Persuasion, Conversion
Preview New & Improved 4 2 Zech. 11:8-9   Worship Serious Real-Life Anger, Bitterness, Marriage, Resentment, Forgiveness
Preview New Kid 2 1 Rom. 12:16-17   Youth Serious Monologue Loneliness, Depression, Anxiety, Love, Kindness
Preview New Year's Scrooge 5 2 2 Cor. 5:16-17   Holiday Light Real-Life New Year, Football, Traditions, Forgiveness
Preview Nightly Chat 4 2 James 1:19-20   Youth Serious Real-Life Parents, Communication, Conflict
Preview No Help Needed 3 4 Rev. 3:16   Youth Serious Real-Life Pride, Independence, School, Grades, Grace
Preview No More Insights 2 1 James 1:19   Worship Mixed Monologue Listening, Wisdom, Quietness, The Tongue, Communication
Preview No One's Perfect 4 2   Classic Mixed Real-Life Marriage, Perfection, Failure
Preview No Sweat 4 1 Luke 17:7-10   Youth Light Monologue Ministry Trips, Service, Selfishness, Work
Preview No Vacation 4 2 2 Cor. 6:4-10   Youth Serious Real-Life Ministry, Work, Service, Giving, Sacrifice, Laziness, Teamwork
Preview Not Another Word 6 2 Eph. 5:5-6   Worship Light Real-Life Motives, Sin, Greed, Money
Preview Nothing Like the Well 4 4 Jer. 2:12-13   Worship Serious Reader's Theater Dryness, Spiritual Vitality, Revival, Hope, Disappointment
Preview Nothing To Say 2 1 Ecc. 5:1-3   Worship Serious Monologue Prayer, Faith, Discouragement, Silence, Doubt
Preview Nut & Honey 3 4 1 Sam. 14   Youth Mixed Reader's Theater Selfishness, Power, Image, Parenting
Preview October Christmas 2 2 Gal. 4:3-7   Holiday Mixed Real-Life Christmas, Advent
Preview Odd Man Out 3 3 Heb. 10:24-25   Youth Light Surreal Priorities, Youth Ministry, Church, HomeWork, Stress, Leisure
Preview Old Church/New Church 3 2 Phil. 1:15-18   Worship Light Surreal Church, Culture, Unity, Trends
Preview Old Church/New Church II 2 2 John 4:19-24   Worship Light Surreal Worship, Trends, Church, Culture
Preview Old Timer Of The List 4 2 Luke 19:15-17   Worship Light Surreal Priorities, Stress, Promises, Guilt
Preview Olympic Factor 3 4 Matthew 8:21-22   Worship Mixed Reader's Theater Time Management, Priorities, Television
Preview On The Edge 5 3   Classic Light Surreal Retreats, Devotions, Stress, Pressure
Preview On Vacation 6 2 Prov. 19:18-19   Youth Serious Real-Life Family, Parents, Growing Up, Communication
Preview Once Upon A Cafeteria 5 4 Ps. 35:1-3   Youth Mixed Surreal Rejection, Cliques, ComPassion, Friendship, School
Preview Once Upon a Scratch 9 3 Genesis 3:8-12   Worship Mixed Surreal Shame, Guilt, Sin, Forgiveness, Grace
Preview Once Upon a Time 5 3   Classic Serious Surreal Trust, Confidence, Affirmation, Loyalty
Preview One Dent Shy Of The Whole Truth 4 2 Ps. 15:1-4   Worship Mixed Real-Life Truth, Honesty, Integrity, Deceit
Preview One Fast Talker 8 2 Matt. 4:1-20   Worship Serious Surreal Temptation, Jesus, Fame, Power
Preview One For All 6 4 1 Cor. 11:18-19   Worship Mixed Surreal Unity, Competition, Church Growth, Divisions, Ministry
Preview One Gutsy Woman 7 4 1 Sam. 25   Worship Mixed Reader's Theater Arrogance, Revenge, Vengeance, Confrontation, Bible, Women, David, Abigail, Nabal, Anger
Preview One Million and Counting 7 4 2 Sam. 24:9-11   Worship Mixed Reader's Theater Success, Jealousy, Comparisons, Pride, Selfishness
Preview One More Miracle 5 4   Classic Mixed Reader's Theater Miracles, Faith, Belief, Doubt
Preview One More Plate 6 3   Classic Light Mime Stress, Priorities, Work, Family, Failure
Preview One More Time 7 3   Classic Mixed Real-Life Endurance, Patience, Persistence
Preview One Sharp Idea 6 2   Classic Light Real-Life Money, Risk, Adventure, Work,
Preview Online Access 3 1   Worship Serious Monologue Money, Worry, Stress, Addiction, Investing, Trust
Preview Outgrowing Church 3 2 1 Tim. 5:1-2   Youth Serious Real-Life Graduation, Church, Maturity, Youth Ministry, Discipleship, College
Preview Over the Rainbow 5 1 Ecc. 1:8-11   Worship Mixed Monologue Change, Innovation, Youth, Wisdom, Perspective
Preview Oxygen 4 1 Ps. 14:1   Worship Mixed Monologue ThanksGiving, Gratitude, Dependence, Humility
Preview Packing Up a Lifetime 4 2 Mark 7:9-13   Worship Serious Real-Life Aging Parents, Care, Conflict, Moving
Preview Pain Management 4 2 Phil. 4:11-13   Worship Serious Real-Life Endurance, Healing, Sickness, Acceptance, Resignation, Hope, Contentment
Preview Paranoia 4 1 Proverbs 6:27-8   Worship Serious Monologue Separation, The World, Evangelism, Purity, Pride, Hypocrisy
Preview Patterns 5 2 1 Cor. 7:23   Worship Mixed Surreal Habits, Change, Discipline, Maturity, Resolve
Preview Pay It Forward 5 4 Matt. 10:8   Worship Mixed Reader's Theater Generosity, Grace, Forgiveness, Community, Unity
Preview Pearls of Great Price, Inc. 5 3 Matt. 13: 44-46   Worship Light Surreal Evangelism, Culture, Discipleship, Sacrifice, Lordship
Preview Pearly Gates 5 2 1 Cor. 13:12   Worship Light Surreal Heaven, Character of God, Worship
Preview Perfect Day For Nothing 3 2 Ecc. 11:4   Worship Light Surreal WillPower, Choice, Procrastination, Marriage, Home, Laziness, Energy, Motivation
Preview Perfect Soil 3 2 1 Pet. 1:6-7   Worship Serious Real-Life Trials, Suffering, Adversity, Testing, Growth, Maturity
Preview Pictures Don't Lie 4 4 2 Cor. 4:2   Worship Light Real-Life Marriage, Giving, Honesty, Truth, Motives
Preview Pilgrim's Protest 4 2   Worship Mixed Surreal Salvation, Sin, Conviction, Grace, Pride
Preview Pilgrim's Quest Pt. 1 4 4 Jer. 17:5-6   Worship Serious Reader's Theater Suffering, Endurance, Prayer, Healing, Trust
Preview Pilgrim's Quest Pt. 2 10 4 Job 14:14-17   Worship Serious Reader's Theater Suffering, Intimacy, Prayer, Trials, Maturity, Endurance
Preview Platinum Giver 6 2 Mal. 3:8-10   Worship Light Surreal Giving, Motives, Selfishness, Church
Preview Pleading the Fifth 3 3 Romans 5:1-3   Worship Serious Surreal Confession, Guilt, Justification, Sin, Grace
Preview Please Come to Boston 5 2 Gal 1:10   Worship Mixed Real-Life Stress, Vacation, Friendship, and People-Pleasing
Preview Pointless 7 3 Ecc. 1   Youth Mixed Mime Ambition, Fame, Fame, Satisfaction, Achievement
Preview Post Dramatic Stress Syndrome 4 2 John 21:15   Worship Light Real-Life Fear, Failure, Expectations, Stress
Preview Power Struggle 4 1 Job 23:3-4   Worship Mixed Monologue Prayer, Testing, Difficulty, Silence, Abandonment, Job
Preview Pray or Not to Pray 4 2 1 Pet. 5:7-9   Worship Serious Surreal Prayer, Piety, Temptation, Demons
Preview Prayer By The Book 4 4   Classic Mixed Reader's Theater Prayer
Preview Prayer of Agur 5 2 Prov. 30:7-9   Worship Light Surreal Prayer, BlesSing, Wealth, Poverty, Jabez
Preview Prayer of Asaph 6 2 Psalm 77   Worship Mixed Surreal Prayer, Honesty, God’s Character
Preview Prayerobics 5 2 Dan. 6: 10-11   Worship Mixed Surreal Prayer, Discipline, Devotions, Accountability
Preview Pre-Approved 5 2 Rom. 4:4-6   Worship Mixed Real-Life Grace vs Works, Cynicism, Deception, Legalism
Preview Pre-Owned Tomb, Hardly Used 4 1   Holiday Mixed Monologue Easter, Resurrection, Jesus, Sales
Preview Prepositional Prayer 3 2 Ps. 37:6-8   Worship Serious Surreal Prayer, Problems, Trust, Hope, Endurance
Preview Pretty Proud of It 4 4   Classic Mixed Surreal Pride, Humility,
Preview Prom Pain 3 2 Ps. 15   Youth Serious Real-Life Dating, Prom, Relationships, Courtship, Stress, School
Preview Proverbs 9:7-9 4 2   Classic Light Surreal Pride, Arrogance, Failure
Preview Ready for Christmas 4 2 Matt. 2:9-11   Holiday Light Real-Life Christmas, Advent
Preview Rebateable 4 3 Heb. 6:10-12   Worship Light Surreal Self-discipline, Good Intentions, Laziness
Preview Refinancing Your Sin 4 2 Gal. 3:1-4   Worship Light Surreal Sin, Forgiveness, Grace, Guilt, Salvation, Freedom
Preview ReligionTree.Com 4 2 Matt. 7:7-8   Youth Light Surreal Faith, Reward, Religions, Shopping, Internet
Preview Replace All Divots 3 1 Luke 19:1-8   Worship Mixed Monologue Mistakes, Confession, Grace, Forgiveness, Restoration, Golf
Preview Rescuing Job 4 5 Job 16:9-14   Worship Serious Reader's Theater Suffering, Problem of Evil, Prayer, Counseling, Character of God
Preview Retired Angel 4 1 Matt. 26:52-54   Holiday Mixed Monologue Crucifixion, Passion Week, Jesus, Salvation
Preview Reverse Evangelism 6 2 Luke 5:13-15   Worship Mixed Surreal Evangelism, Persuasion, Communication, Jesus
Preview Right and Left 5 3 Matt. 20:20-22   Worship Mixed Surreal Leadership, Servanthood, Jealousy, Ambition, Honor
Preview River Crossed, Bridge Forgotten 4 2   Holiday Light Surreal ThanksGiving, Gratitude, Forgetfullness, Selfishness
Preview Rollover Prayer Minutes 2 1 Ecc. 5:7   Worship Light Monologue Prayer, Grace, Legalism
Preview Rondo the Great 4 2 Rom. 12:3-5   Worship Light Surreal Excellence, Competition, Pride, Self-Concept
Preview Room Full of Flowers 5 2 Ecc. 7:1-4   Holiday Serious Real-Life Death, Sorrow, Regret, Father, Funeral
Preview Rope-A-Dope 5 1 1 Sam. 26:21   Worship Serious Monologue Conflict, Relationships, Mistakes, Marriage, Forgiveness
Preview Rough Ride 4 3 John 16:33   Worship Mixed Surreal Trials, Endurance, Faith, Testing, Doubt
Preview Runnin' On Empty 4 2 Luke 22:49-51   Holiday Serious Surreal Peter, Jesus, Fear, Courage, Good Friday,Easter, Passion Week, War
Preview Sacred Nuisance 5 2 1 Tim. 1:18-20   Worship Mixed Surreal Conscience, Confession, Sin, Repentance, Accountability
Preview Safe Haven 4 2 Eph. 4:6-8   Worship Light Surreal Stress, Pressure, Work
Preview Safe Place 5 2 Luke 15:8-10   Worship Mixed Real-Life Forgetting, Memory, Faith, Doubt
Preview Salt & Pepper 5 2 Ecc. 12:1-6   Worship Light Real-Life Aging, Mid-life Crisis, Fear, Self-Image
Preview Sani-hands 4 3 Matt. 15:1-10   Worship Light Surreal Sin, Infection, Disease, Legalism
Preview Santa's Presents or Santa's Presence? 3 3   Holiday Light Real-Life Christmas, Advent, Prayer, Worship, Materialism
Preview SATtitudes 3 2 Prov. 27:1-2   Youth Light Real-Life Bragging, Pride, Competition, College, Grades
Preview Saturday Morning 7 3 Matt. 5:21-22   Worship Serious Real-Life Discipleship, Accountability, Growth, Anger, Sin
Preview Saying Grace 4 2 Luke 18:9-12   Worship Light Real-Life Prayer, Gratitude, Communication, Honesty
Preview Scout's Honor 5 1 2 Cor. 11:13-15   Worship Light Monologue Pride, Control, Lust, Greed, Spiritual Warfare, Sata
Preview Screaming Mad 4 2 1 Chron. 15:28   Youth Serious Real-Life Music, Parents, Culture, Communication
Preview Scroll Of The Lamb 3 6 Rev. 5   Youth Serious Surreal Worship, Jesus, Revelation, Celebration, Heaven
Preview Second Mile 2 2 Matt. 5:40-42   Worship Serious Surreal Choice, Service, Submission, Authority
Preview Second String Friend 2 3 Rom. 12:16   Youth Mixed Real-Life Friends, Relationships, Competition, Honesty, Hypocrisy
Preview Seed of Faith 3 1 Gal. 4   Worship Serious Monologue Faith, Discipleship, Maturity, Belief, Doubt
Preview Seeking Happy Phrase 4 2 Gen. 32:17-20   Worship Light Surreal Marriage, Conflict, Men, Communication, Honesty, Fear, Intimacy
Preview Self Controlled Planet 6 4   Classic Light Surreal Discipline, Resolve, Control, character
Preview Self-Counseling Friend 5 2 Prov. 12:15   Worship Mixed Real-Life Friendship, Counseling, Advice, Risk, Trust
Preview Senior Pix 3 2 James 1:22-25   Youth Mixed Surreal School, Growing up, Stress, Worry, Appearance
Preview Sermonzzz 3 2 2 Cor. 3:4-6   Worship Light Real-Life Competence, Confidence, Inferiority, Church Life
Preview Seven Last Days of Christ 24 6 John 12-21   Holiday Mixed Surreal Passion, Easter, Friday, Jesus, Crucifixion
Preview Seven Times Sorry 4 3 Luke 17:3-10   Youth Light Surreal Forgiveness, Servanthood, Rights, Humility
Preview Shades of Meaning 5 4 Matt. 21:28-31   Worship Mixed Surreal Communication, Truth, Deceit, Avoidance, Fear, Honesty,
Preview Shadrach, Meshach, & Ralph 5 9 Dan. 3:13-18   Youth Light Surreal Courage, Fear, Peer Pressure, Boldness, School
Preview Sharer's Remorse 4 2 1 Thess. 5:10-11   Worship Light Real-Life Small Groups, Intimacy, Fear, Friendship, Honesty
Preview Shepherd's Pie 4 2 Ezek. 34   Worship Mixed Surreal Leadership, Pastoring, Manipulation, Selfishness, Sheep,
Preview Shocked 3 2 Ecc. 7:20-11   Youth Mixed Real-Life Gossip, Self-righteousness, Criticism, Friendship
Preview Shoebox Challenge 4 2 1 Pet. 1:22   Youth Mixed Real-Life Service, Rewards, Motivation, Peer Pressure
Preview Shots 5 2 1 Cor. 15:32-34   Youth Serious Real-Life Temptation, Peer Pressure, Disobedience, Alcohol
Preview Shuffleboard With Moses 5 2 Rev. 22:1-5   Youth Light Surreal Heaven, Eternal Life, Worship, Boredom
Preview Silence With A Lamb 3 1 Ecc. 5:1-7   Worship Serious Monologue Worship, Silence, Anger, Pride
Preview Silly Me 2 1 Rom. 12:3   Worship Mixed Monologue Emotion, Fear, Anger, Jealousy, Authenticity, Honesty, Truth
Preview Sin Detector 3 4 Ps. 139:23-24   Youth Light Surreal Sin, Forgiveness, Grace, Pride,
Preview Sinbusters 6 6   Classic Light Surreal Sin, Forgiveness, Legalism
Preview Sinking Your Teeth In 2 1 Mark 12:30-32   Worship Mixed Monologue Self-Love, Forgiveness, Grace
Preview Sinsormatic 3000 3 2 1 Tim. 5:24-25   Youth Light Surreal Sin, Temptation, Confession, Obedience, Holiness
Preview Sixteen More Days 4 2 Deut. 16:13-15   Holiday Serious Real-Life Good Friday, Easter, Lent, Sacrifice, Discipline, Self-Denial, Patience, Contentment
Preview Slippery Wisdom 4 2 Prov. 30:2-4   Youth Light Surreal Wisdom, Pride, Humility, Knowledge
Preview Slipping 5 2 Ecc. 7:1-4   Worship Serious Real-Life Aging, Family, Death, Sickness, Dementia, Fear, Parents
Preview Slobber Marks 3 2 Col. 3:22-23   Youth Mixed Real-Life Service, Ministry, Motives, Money
Preview Small Groupee 4 2 Rom. 12:9-13   Youth Serious Real-Life Small Groups, Relationships, Friendship, Reality TV
Preview Smart Phony 5 2 Proverbs 4:1-5   Worship Light Real-Life Technology, Knowledge, Stress, Planning, Wisdom
Preview Snow Champ 2500 4 2 Luke 20:9-16   Worship Light Real-Life Stewardship, Wealth, Possessions, Trust
Preview So Relieved 3 2 Ruth 2:13-15   Youth Light Real-Life Small Groups, Relationships, Friendship, Reality TV
Preview Sola Scriptura 4 2 2 Tim. 3:14-17   Worship Light Surreal Scripture, Authority, Conflict, Pride, Humility, Bible
Preview Some Guys 3 2 Col. 3:5   Worship Serious Real-Life Lust, Pornography, Accountability
Preview Some Other Way 5 2 2 Pet. 1:5-8   Worship Mixed Surreal Suffering, Character, Trust, Faith, Troubles
Preview Some People 2 1 Gal. 6:1-2   Worship Mixed Monologue Criticism, Habits, Blindness, Forgiveness, Arrogance, Judgment
Preview Somebody's Listening 4 2 James 3:2-8   Worship Light Real-Life Words, Tongue, Wisdom, Criticism
Preview Somebody's Mom 4 2 John 19:25-27   Holiday Serious Real-Life Mother, Anger, Irritation,
Preview Something To Be Grasped 4 4 Phil. 2   Holiday Mixed Reader's Theater Reader, Humility, Sacrifice, Incarnation, Christmas
Preview Spin Doctors 4 3 John 15:23-25   Worship Mixed Reader's Theater Jesus, Belief, Doubt, Miracles
Preview Sport Utility Faith 3 2 Mark 2:16   Youth Light Surreal Dating, Opposite Sex, Relationship Games, Romance
Preview Spring Cleaning 4 2 Luke 12:15   Worship Mixed Real-Life Materialism, Organization, Stress, Home, Marriage, Cleaning,
Preview Stan Who? 5 3 Phil. 3: 19-25   Holiday Serious Real-Life Missions, Church, Missionary
Preview Stars and Stripes 4 2   Holiday Serious Real-Life Patriotism, Country, United States, Money
Preview Stepping In It 4 2 Gen. 4:6-7   Worship Mixed Surreal Sin, Sanctification, Confession, Maturity, Grace
Preview Still Time To Call 5 5 Rom. 12:6-8   Holiday Light Surreal Church, Service, Sacrifice, Ministry, Volunteers, Telethon
Preview Strike Three 6 2 2 Sam. 11:14   Worship Mixed Real-Life Competition, Sports, Coaching, Failure, Confidence
Preview Student Hunter 5 4 James 4:1-2   Youth Light Surreal Faith, Evangelism, Outreach, Ministry
Preview Stupid Gas 4 2 Jer. 17:9-10   Worship Light Real-Life Confession, Confrontation, Responsibility, Manipulation, Deceit, Motives
Preview Such A Time As This 4 5 Esther 5:12-14   Worship Mixed Reader's Theater Deliverance, Salvation, Courage, Trust, Gods Sovereignty
Preview Surely Not I 6 4 Mark 14:17-19   Worship Serious Reader's Theater Sin, Confession, Humility, Listening, Confrontation, Honesty, Forgiveness, Repentence
Preview Surprise Surprise 3 1 Prov. 10:9   Youth Serious Monologue Masks, Hypocrisy, Integrity, Shame, Parents
Preview Surveillance 5 2 Prov. 9:17   Youth Light Real-Life Trust, Communication, Rules, Discipline, Parents, Technology
Preview Surviving Each Other 6 6 1 Pet. 3:8-11   Youth Mixed Surreal Unity, Relationships, Competition, Image
Preview System Scan 4 2 Ps. 139:19-24   Worship Light Surreal Motives, Confession, Sin, Reflection, Submission
Preview Table Talk 5 2 Prov. 20:14   Worship Mixed Real-Life Money, Saving, Budgets, Generosity, Stinginess
Preview Taking Stock 4 2 1 Tim. 6:17-18   Worship Light Surreal Wealth, Retirement, Money, Leisure, Stress, Stock Market
Preview Tale of Two Trucks 5 2 Ecc. 11:6   Worship Mixed Real-Life Contentment, Simplicity, Money, Wisdom, Envy, Regret
Preview Telephorgetting 5 2 1 Pet. 4:9-10   Worship Mixed Real-Life Church, Friendship, Retreats, Marriage, and Communication
Preview Telescope Collection 3 3 Romans 1: 20-23   Worship Serious Surreal Theology, Seeking God, World View, Secular/Sacred, Natural Revelation.
Preview Text Time 5 2 1 John 1:1   Youth Serious Real-Life Technology, Phones, Communication, Parents, Presence
Preview Thanks, But No Thanks 4 2 Rom. 12: 9-10   Worship Mixed Real-Life ThanksGiving, Gratitude, Legalism, Morality, Motives
Preview That One Kid 3 2 Prov. 28:17   Youth Serious Real-Life School, Violence, Culture, Guns, Evangelism
Preview The Appointment 5 2   Classic Serious Surreal Prayer, Devotions, Grace, Legalism
Preview The Aquarium 5 2 Prov. 26:27-28   Worship Mixed Real-Life Honesty, Pride, Arrogance, Manipulation, Respect, Humility
Preview The Basement 6 2   Classic Serious Real-Life Nostalgia, Sentiment, Materialism, Memories, Parenting
Preview The Celebration 5 3   Classic Mixed Reader's Theater Humility, Grace, Abundance, Pride, Parable
Preview The Christmas Bus 5 2 Ezek. 12:3-8   Holiday Mixed Real-Life Christmas, Advent, Simplicity
Preview The Committee 5 2 Mark 14:4-9   Holiday Mixed Reader's Theater Worship, Good Deeds, Sacrifice, Palm Sunday, Jesus
Preview The Corsage 4 2 Acts 17:27-28   Holiday Mixed Real-Life Easter, Church
Preview The Date 5 2   Classic Serious Surreal Devotions, Prayer, Obligation, Duty,
Preview The Day After 5 2   Classic Serious Real-Life Funeral, Memories, Tragedy, Father, Parenting
Preview The Fashion Bar 7 8   Classic Mixed Surreal Fashion, Image, Style, Competition
Preview The Gifted Program 4 2 1 Pet. 4:10   Worship Light Surreal Spiritual Gifts, Pride, Humility, Church
Preview The Gossip Zone 6 5   Classic Light Surreal Gossip, Words, Truth
Preview The Grouch Who Stole Heaven 6 4   Classic Mixed Reader's Theater God, Grace, Punishment, Fear
Preview The Heavens Declare 30 5 Luke 2   Holiday Mixed Surreal Christmas, Advent, Magi, Bethlehem
Preview The Kid Is Good 7 4 Matt. 6:5-6   Youth Mixed Mime Motives, Affirmation, People-Pleasing
Preview The Last Enemy 10 4 1 Cor. 15:19-26   Holiday Mixed Reader's Theater Friday, Salvation, Redemption, Sacrifice, Atonement, Faithfulness
Preview The Last Supper 18 13   Classic Serious Biblical Jesus, Passion, Easter, Crucifixion, Bible
Preview The Money Guy 7 3   Classic Light Surreal Gratitude, Entitlement, Money, ThanksGiving
Preview The Other Prodigal 4 4 Luke 15:17-20   Worship Mixed Reader's Theater Pride, Grace, Stubbornness, Humility, Forgiveness
Preview The Parking Lot 4 3   Worship Mixed Real-Life Church, Honesty, Marriage, Authenticity, Communication
Preview The Prince Came Near 8 4 John 1:10-14   Holiday Mixed Reader's Theater Christmas, Reader, Incarnation, Fairy, Love
Preview The Promise Delivered (Part 3 of 3) 4 4   Classic Mixed Reader's Theater Christmas, Advent, Joseph, Mary, Jesus
Preview The Royal Resting Place 5 4 1 Sam. 10:14-22   Youth Light Reader's Theater Fear, Insecurity, Self-Confidence, Leadership
Preview The Table 3 3 Is. 54:4   Youth Mixed Surreal Fear, Friends, Acceptance, Self-Concept, School
Preview The Tainted Courage of Sue Malone 7 3   Classic Mixed Real-Life Exaggeration, Lying, Deceit, Courage, Work
Preview The Thought that Counts 3 2 2 Cor. 9:15   Youth Serious Real-Life Christmas, Giving, Generosity
Preview The Thought that Counts 3 2 2 Cor. 9:15   Holiday Serious Real-Life Christmas, Giving, Generosity
Preview The Un-Crossoffable God 5 4 Is. 1: 11-14   Worship Mixed Surreal Self-Righteousness, Legalism, Money, Lordship
Preview The Unexpected Call 6 2   Classic Serious Real-Life Tragedy, Crisis, Fear,
Preview The Unlikely Solution (Part 2 of 3) 5 4   Classic Mixed Reader's Theater Christmas, Advent, Joseph, Mary, Jesus
Preview The Word Of The Lord Came To John 5 4 Jonah 4:9-11   Youth Mixed Reader's Theater Evangelism, Fear, ComPassion, Grace, School, Missions
Preview There's More 7 3   Classic Serious Surreal Endurance, Perspective, Heaven, Maturity
Preview Thin-Skinned 4 2   Worship Mixed Real-Life Relationships, Anger, Honesty, Truth, Deceit
Preview Third Time 2 2 2 Cor. 7:10-12   Youth Serious Surreal Communication, Repentance, Confrontation, Parents, Attitudes, Honesty
Preview Thirty Percent of My Brain 2 1 Matt. 11:28-30   Worship Mixed Monologue Rest, Fear, Workaholism, Prayer, Interpersonal Communication
Preview Thirty-two Messages 5 2 Ex. 18:22-23   Worship Light Real-Life Vacation, Work, Technology, Management, Stress, Being Indispensible
Preview This Kid 5 4 1 Sam. 17:45-47   Youth Light Reader's Theater David, Goliath, Faith, Fear, Battle, Bible, Jealousy, Victory
Preview This Traffic Is Crazy 5 2 1 Samuel 15:24   Worship Mixed Surreal Marriage, Truth, Fear, Deception, Lying, Conscience
Preview Three Cheers For Kenny 6 2 Luke 15:2-6   Worship Serious Real-Life Parenting, Sin, Forgiveness, Jealousy, Intimacy, Parable, Prodigal
Preview Three Hours Of Shoveling 4 2 Prov. 17:1   Youth Serious Real-Life Christmas, Family, Conflict, Friendship
Preview Three Lies Of The River 4 9 1 Cor. 10:12-13   Youth Mixed Surreal Addiction, Drugs, Sin, Sexual Immorality, Peer Pressure
Preview Three Minutes Short 5 2 Mk. 7:30-32   Worship Light Real-Life Stress, Work, Pace of Life, Time Management
Preview Three More Sides 5 2 Ecc. 5:18-20   Worship Mixed Real-Life Satisfaction, Labor, Enjoyment of Work, Marriage
Preview Three Weeks and Counting 4 4 Prov. 25:17   Worship Mixed Real-Life Church, Assimilation, New Members, Discipleship, Guilt, Hospitality
Preview Three Youthworkers To Go 4 4 Prov. 4:10-12   Youth Light Surreal Youth Ministry, Recruiting YouthWorkers, Church
Preview TIVO Trouble 5 3 Ex. 34:33-35   Youth Light Surreal Forgiveness, Mistakes, Perfection, Deceit
Preview To Go or Not to Go 6 2 Gal. 1:10   Worship Serious Real-Life Guilt, obligation, Grace, duty, freedom, Legalism, People-Pleasing
Preview To Mow Or Not To Mow 4 2 Prov. 3:1-2   Worship Mixed Surreal Parenting, Fathers, Teaching, Discipleship, Stress
Preview Together We Fall 4 3 1 Cor. 12: 25-27   Worship Serious Real-Life Teamwork, Independence, Pride, Failure, Risk, Safety
Preview Tongue-Tied 5 2 Luke 1:8-14   Holiday Light Surreal Christmas, Advent, Prophecy
Preview Too Good To Be True 5 2 Zeph. 3:15-17   Worship Serious Surreal Hope, Bitterness, Forgiveness, Anger, Dreams, Disappointment
Preview Too Great A Task For Words (Part 1 of 3) 5 4   Classic Mixed Reader's Theater Christmas, Advent, Joseph, Mary, Jesus
Preview Too Sad To Sing 5 2 Ps. 88:5-8   Worship Serious Real-Life Sadness, Discouragement, Despair, Lament, Music, Psalms, Worship, Church
Preview Tooltime 4 2 Ex. 32:4   Worship Light Surreal Men, Masculinity, Marriage, Communication
Preview Tractor Duty 4 3 Luke 5:15-16   Worship Light Real-Life Stress, Marriage, Work, Leisure, Home, Parenting
Preview Tree Hugging For God 5 2 Gen. 1:26-29   Youth Serious Real-Life Ecology, Creation, Environment, Science
Preview Tree of Cash and Debt 5 4 Proverbs 22:7   Worship Light Reader's Theater Money, Debt, Borrowing, Wisdom, Regret
Preview Tremble 4 3 Luke 18:9-14   Youth Serious Mime Prayer, Repentance, Confession, Forgiveness, Sin
Preview Trumpeting the News 5 2 Prov. 11:3   Youth Serious Real-Life Encouragement, Gossip, Communication, Confidence
Preview Truth Hurts 4 2 Gen. 27:41   Youth Serious Real-Life Sports, School, Siblings, Lying, Deceit, Jealousy
Preview Trying For Seventeen 4 2 1 Tim. 2:9-10   Youth Serious Real-Life Style, Self-Image, Dress, Body, Culture
Preview Tucker vs. Tucker 3 2 Prov. 17:6   Youth Serious Real-Life Divorce, Siblings, Parenting, Conflict
Preview Turf Battle 5 1 Job 1:9-10   Worship Mixed Monologue Trust, Providence, Worry, Fear
Preview Turning Tables 7 2 Rom. 12: 14-16   Worship Serious Real-Life Care, Ministry, Encouragement, Fear, Unemployment
Preview Twelve Week Quandry 4 4 1 Thess. 2:13   Worship Mixed Real-Life Small Groups, Bible, Scripture, Authority, Group
Preview Twenty Dollar Mistake 3 1   Worship Serious Monologue Grace, Friendship, Loneliness, Guilt
Preview Twenty Years Later 5 5 John 20:26-28   Worship Serious Surreal Jesus, Church History, Communion, Matthew
Preview Twin Masters 4 2 James 5:15-16   Worship Serious Surreal Sin, Shame, Guilt, Loneliness, Friendship
Preview Two Blocks On Your Left 5 2 Matt. 15:13-15   Youth Mixed Surreal Leadership, Mentoring, Guidance, Directions, Maturity, Discipleship, Counseling, Pastoring, Teaching
Preview Two Day Co-Pay 4 2 Titus 3:3-8   Worship Mixed Surreal Forgiveness, Sin, Guilt, Salvation, Redemption
Preview Two Dollars A Month 3 2 Prov. 22:7   Youth Serious Real-Life Money, Parenting, Budgets, and Responsibility
Preview Two Grandmas 4 2 Ecc. 8:1   Youth Serious Real-Life Aging, Maturity, Grandparents, Wisdom
Preview Two Prayers 4 2 Job 1: 18-20   Worship Serious Real-Life Prayer, Trust, Infertility, Pregnancy, Despair
Preview Two Ships 3 2 Eph. 4: 25-27   Worship Mixed Surreal Communication, Conflict, Music, Worship
Preview Two Star Rating 3 2 Eph. 4   Worship Light Surreal Church, Change, Visitors, Criticism
Preview Two Things at Once 4 2 Matt. 6:24   Worship Mixed Real-Life Presence, rest, Work, pace of Life
Preview Two Very Small Groups 3 2 1 Tim. 5:1-2   Youth Mixed Real-Life Dating, Prom, Romance
Preview U-Haul Blues 6 2 1 Kings 19:1-4   Worship Serious Real-Life Failure, Regret, Shame, Encouragement, Hope, Control, Moving
Preview Unauthorized Care 2 1 Rom. 12: 9-13   Worship Mixed Monologue Care, Encouragement, Church Life, Servanthood
Preview Under Construction 5 4 Matt. 7:24-29   Youth Light Reader's Theater Obedience, Maturity, Endurance, Trials
Preview Undercover Boss 5 2 John 1:1-4   Holiday Mixed Surreal Christmas, Advent, Incarnation, Jesus, Television, Disguise, Kenosis
Preview Unexpected Gifts 25 6 Heb. 12:2   Holiday Mixed Real-Life Christmas, Giving, Sacrifice
Preview Unit 12C 4 2 Ecc. 2:18-19   Worship Serious Real-Life Materialism, Mortality, Sentiment, Motives.
Preview Unlikely Preacher 3 1 Matt. 23:27-28   Youth Light Monologue Music, Stealing, Hypocrisy, Culture, Honesty, Ethics
Preview Unspoken 4 3 Phil. 1:9-11   Worship Mixed Surreal Prayer, Church Life, Honesty
Preview Upgrade 3 2 Ecc. 1:8-10   Youth Mixed Real-Life Materialism, Trends, Technology, Simplicity,Convenience
Preview Vacation Blues 6 2 Ex. 23:12   Worship Mixed Real-Life Work, Leisure, Vacation, Stress, Marriage
Preview Veiled Reference 5 2 Heb. 10:19-22   Holiday Serious Surreal Worship, Easter, Good Friday, Jesus
Preview Viewer Discretion Advised 5 2 Eph. 5:11-12   Worship Serious Real-Life Parenting, Entertainment, Culture, Media, Maturity, Discretion
Preview Voicemail 3 2 Ex. 18:15-19   Worship Serious Real-Life Stress, Time Management, Friendship, Encouragement, Technology, Rest, Depression
Preview Voices From The Edge 4 2 1 Cor. 15:22-26   Youth Serious Surreal Death, Birth, Heaven, Fear, Resurrection
Preview Waiting For The Magic 4 2 Matt. 3:9-10   Holiday Light Real-Life Christmas, Tradition, Boredom
Preview Waiting On The Lord 5 2 Luke 10:39-42   Worship Mixed Surreal Character of God, Patience, Frustration, Trials, Prayer
Preview Watched Lawn Never Sprouts 2 2 1 Cor. 3:4-9   Worship Mixed Real-Life Growth, Maturity, Patience, Control, Waiting,
Preview We Know Too Much 6 4 Luke 24:18-21   Worship Serious Surreal Easter, Good Friday, Resurrection, Passion, Despair
Preview Wee Hour Worry 6 2   Classic Light Real-Life Worry, Anxiety, Trust
Preview What Do They Know? 6 2 Ecc. 2:23-26   Youth Mixed Real-Life College, Goals, Success, Money
Preview What Kind of a God is That? 3 2 Rom. 11:33-36   Worship Serious Surreal Suffering, God, Evil, Sovereignty, Pain
Preview What To Do With Howard Pewter 5 2 Heb. 5:13-14   Worship Serious Real-Life Parenting, Magic, Culture, Discernment
Preview What's Happened To Giving? 6 3   Classic Light Surreal Christmas, Giving, Commercialism
Preview Where Credit Is Due 4 2   Worship Mixed Real-Life Truth, Deceit, Motives, People-pleasing, Honesty, Work
Preview Working At Not Working 3 2 Matt. 5:34   Youth Light Surreal Work, Rest, Contentment, Ambition, Retirement
Preview Wrong Donkey 5 3 Matt. 21:1-3   Worship Mixed Surreal Generosity, Materialism, Stewardship, Selfishness
Preview You Had Them 4 2 John 6   Worship Serious Surreal Gospel, Evangelism, Marketing, Discipleship
Preview You Remembered 6 5   Classic Mixed Surreal Unemployment, Trust, Despair, Providence
Preview Your Mom's Cooler 4 2 Prov. 14:13   Youth Serious Real-Life Parents, Family, Relationships, Mom, Mother
Preview Your Own Mouth 2 4 Prov. 27:2   Youth Light Surreal Bragging, Pride, Selfishness, Competition, Communication
Preview Zero Down 5 2 Luke 12:22-23   Worship Mixed Real-Life Contentment, Money, Budgeting, Anger, Control, Marriage
Preview Zoo Tycoon 4 2 Phil. 2:5-8   Holiday Mixed Real-Life Christmas, Advent, Salvation, Sacrifice, God's love
Preview Zzz 3 2 1 Sam. 25:23-24   Worship Mixed Surreal Marriage, Resentment, Selfishness, Communication, Blame

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Here's a brief overview of what we mean by Type.

Biblical-  stories taken directly from Scripture.  This doesn't mean they're depicted in literal Biblical garb, but it does mean the content of the script has a direct and overt Biblical source.

Mime- either silent or narrated.  A narrated mime features 1 or 2 Readers who verbally accompany the mimed action of the actor.

Monologue- just 1 actor.  Usually these are directed right at an audience as opposed to a soliloquy (where the audience overhears the actor musing to him/herself).

Reader's Theater- team-storytelling.  This is where the narrators sit on stools and work together to act out a scene.  Their focus remains outward toward the audience even when they're in dialogue with each other.  They act with gesture and facial expression, instead of stage movement.  Reader's Theater allows the actors to keep their scripts in front of them in black folders, however the lines should still be delivered with full eye contact.

Real-Life-  this is drama that emulates actual contemporary life.  It can be lighter in sit-com style, or more serious.  Though this Type can depict life in an exaggerated sense for humor, it is still set in today's culture.

Surreal-  scripts that are not based in contemporary life.  These can be extended metaphors (where something like a mountain symbolizes adversity), stories from long ago, parables, fantasy, poetry, etc.  Surreal scripts are set in another time and place, or sometimes have no time/space setting at all.